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In its third iteration, The Assembly Leadership Retreat remains inspired by being member-led and member-driven. It is where PRO leaders who are influential in setting strategies for their organization and who are committed to creating a strong, healthy, and fair future across the industry gather to refine their own learning and leadership perspectives, celebrate and occasionally commiserate. Our focus this year is “Pro Sports Leadership Evolution & Innovation.” From rapidly evolving financial models to navigating unpredictable political and global influences, the best pro sports leaders strive to stay connected and ahead of the curve. By coming together and sharing a private space for such important conversations you will help speed up the rate at which we can mitigate threats and solve organizational and industry-wide issues.

As in the past, leaders from professional teams, leagues, unions, and venues work together to:
  • identify the most critical issues facing the industry
  • workshop solutions and
  • agree on a path forward as inclusive pro sports leaders
If you have received an invitation, please confirm today to reserve your room at the retreat center (limited to 150). Please note, days two and three are closed to media and attendees are asked to strictly follow Chatham House rules.

Key Details:
What: Agenda
When: June 5-7, 2024
Where: Austin, Texas (venue provided upon registration)

At The Assembly, leaders from professional teams, leagues, unions, and venues work together to:
  • identify the most critical issues facing the industry
  • workshop solutions and
  • agree on a path forward as inclusive pro sports leaders

Meet the Chairs and Committee:

Programming Co-Chairs - Crispus Gordon and Justin Bokmeyer
Partnerships Chair - Jonathan White and Gene Tinner
Medal of Leadership Co-Chairs - Chioma Atanmo, Kim Miller and Matt Goodman
Marketing and Communications Co-Chairs - Stacy Ruiz and Kiri Bryant
Operations Co-Chairs - Frantzer Le Blanc and Vanessa Ward

Medal of Leadership Awards Logo

Pro Sports Assembly is honored to present the second class of Medal of Leadership Honorees. Celebrating PRO leaders who are advancing the professional sports industry, both inside their organization and beyond elevates standards of leadership excellence. Pro Sports Assembly strives to elevate leaders who are building strong, healthy and fair organizations and communities. 

The Medal of Leadership Awards were inspired by two leaders who have lifted inclusive leadership to new heights: Jason Jenkins and Cynt Marshall. They have leveraged their positions of influence to benefit the greater good and epitomize what it means to be a PRO. 

Meet the 2024 Honorees

Jessica Yavitz
Chicago Fire

Kevin Demoff
Black Sports Business Symposium & Los Angeles Rams/KSE

Morgan Cato
Phoenix Suns

Alexandria Hill
Los Angeles Rams







Read more about the four Medal of Leadership Awards presented on June 5, 2024. 
Limited individual tickets to the Medal of Leadership Awards Ceremony, click below.



Wednesday, June 5: Annual Membership Meeting and Medal of Leadership Awards

    • Annual Membership Meeting
    • Welcome Reception
    • Medal of Leadership Awards Program presented by OVG Arena Alliance – Meet the 2024 Honorees
      • To tip off The Assembly, the 2024 Medal of Leadership honorees will be celebrated for advancing the professional sports industry, both inside their organization and beyond by elevating the standards of leadership excellence. The opening celebration elevates PRO members who are building strong, healthy and fair organizations and communities. Inspired by two leaders who epitomize what it means to be a PRO and have lifted inclusive leadership to new heights: Jason Jenkins and Cynt Marshall. You are invited to attend and consider your position of influence to benefit the greater good.
    • Hospitality Suite

Thursday, June 6, 2024: Leadership Conversations and Workshops, part 1

The focus of the third PRO Leadership Retreat and Workshop will turn attention to our industry’s leadership evolution and innovation.  June 6th is when the "work" in the workshop begins. The discussions will be followed by workshops with practitioners offering tools to refine our efforts and impact.
    • State of the Union in Pro Sports Leadership
      • Perspective is important. Proximity is powerful. Bringing together top leaders with significant influence and perspectives to explore the extraordinary challenges and opportunities ahead enlightens and empowers PRO leaders to chart a path forward. From owners to commissioners, to top leaders at teams and unions - each leadership perspective is critical to understanding how we are collectively responsible for creating a strong, healthy and fair future in the professional sports ecosystem. In the opening keynote panel featured leaders share an overall analysis of the current status of leadership in professional sports; where we are headed, the major pain points, and what to prepare for in the next 10, 20, or 30 years. By sharing responsibility for industry-wide threats and business matters PRO leaders can gain perspective to strengthen their own organizations and establish a front line of defense to help safeguard the industry.
    • Re(Design) Thinking the Pro Sports Business Model
      • Necessity is the mother of innovation. From internal disruptors to external uncontrollables, such as evolving fan, staff, and athlete preferences and broadcast consumption options to unpredictable political and global markets - professional sports organizations are rapidly evolving. Valuations are growing. Private equity and Sovereign Wealth are entering the ecosystem. Challenger leagues and brands are disrupting the status quo. Here we will consider the sustainability of the current model and learn from those reimagining the framework for the future so we can be prepared to lead through shifts in market dynamics. 
    • Attracting, Developing, and Retaining Top Talent
      • Players and coaches make up a high-profile and mighty 5% of the professional sports talent pool. The other 95%, an estimated 150,000+ full-time employees are responsible for running the business. With aggregate valuations of US-based professional sports franchises topping 500B (yes, that’s a B for billion), it’s incredible to consider what the other 95% are able to create and support for such valuations. In this conversation we will explore how improving cross-sport connectivity, collaboration and collective commitment to leadership development in pro sports helps to mitigate unnecessary vulnerabilities for owners/investors, top organization leaders, and the workforce.
    • Public Policy in Pro Sports
      • In 2024, twelve Commissioners from US-based Major Leagues met for the first time as a collective group to consider leadership for the industry and the power of our collective platform to impact cultural, political and economic factors across society. From public financing to the systematic disassembly of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) to regulatory amendments and laws around alcohol consumption, bearing arms, land-use, labor relations, sports betting, AI, etc public policy and pro sports are ever intertwined.
    • Sports and the Implications of an Election Year
      • As much as some might like to see a “Church and State” like separation between sports and politics, if 2019 taught us anything, it’s that pro sports leaders care deeply about how elections impact their personal and professional endeavors. Seen as community leaders, professional sports executives actions (or inactions) are sought from a variety of stakeholders and influencers. Managing the demands and expectations of such requires savvy stamina - and a well-equipped team. Here we’ll learn insights from the experts.  
    • Fireside Chat with a Friendly Family Fued
    • Hospitality Suite

Friday, June 7, 2024: Leadership Conversations and Workshops, part 2

Day 3 will challenge the way we think about key operations in our business. Dynamic sports leaders are concerned with what happens far beyond the competition; we will explore how to leverage our leadership influence for lasting impact on front offices, our community, and the industry of professional sports.
    • Personal Leadership Brand Development
    • Business Case for Inclusive Leadership - ownership mindset
    • Where do we go from here?
      As an Assembly of PRO leaders, what will we do individually and collectively to build organizations that thrive with intentional, inclusive leadership across professional sports? This isn’t a rhetorical question. Everyone is invited to share and support the work ahead.
    • Recreation and Departures


Curious about past agendas?
2022 Programming Summary
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Programming Narrative

Over the years, professional sports have consistently expanded by capitalizing on established policies, structures, and media outlets. Traditional practices involved attracting and retaining top talent, with corporate partnerships sustaining investments in in-game creative displays, out-of-home branding opportunities, and broadcasting stations serving as primary platforms for game viewing. TV ratings and cookies played pivotal roles in understanding sports enthusiasts' media consumption and purchasing behavior, respectively. Ticket sales often relied on exclusive partnerships with industry giants, allowing certain platforms to maintain a monopoly in the live-ticketed event industry.

However, the advent of technology, AI, post-pandemic considerations, and shifts in local economics have triggered a significant transformation in how sports teams conduct business. This includes reevaluating fan engagement, talent attraction, consumer targeting, and overall financial health. The prevailing theme now revolves around evolution, innovation, and agility. In anticipation of the future, pro sports organizations are reassessing revenue models, recruitment and retention strategies, facility enhancements, and reimagining spaces for community engagement. Locally, they closely monitor economic trends to gauge community spending capacities.

In the era of social media influencing conversations, marketing teams are strategically planning viral campaigns to sustain consumer engagement. Collaborations between corporate partners and sports organizations aim to establish deeper connections with fans through community activations. The rise of streaming services has disrupted traditional live content consumption, intensifying competition for broadcast companies. These challenges, combined with the complexities of retaining top talent, surges in player and coaching salaries, and a national election season, present formidable hurdles for the sports industry in the times ahead.

During The Assembly, our focus will be on assessing professional sports's current state of affairs, exploring future opportunities, and considering the necessary evolution and innovation in our organizations' strategies that could lead to a sustainable future.

Who’s Attending:

Arizona Coyotes
Atlanta Hawks & State Farm Arena
Buffalo Sabres
Chicago Bears
Chicago Fire FC
Cleveland Cavaliers
Dallas Mavericks
Houston Dynamo
Houston Dash
Ilitch Sports and Entertainment
Los Angeles Football Club
Los Angeles Rams
Minnesota Timberwolves and Lynx
Monumental Sports and Entertainment
Major League Baseball
National Hockey League
National Women’s Soccer League
NRG Park
Oak View Group
Philadelphia Eagles
Phoenix Suns and Mercury
Sporting Kansas City
Tepper Sports and Entertainment
U.S. Soccer Federation
United Soccer League
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