At Pro Sports Assembly, our member-driven approach empowers industry leaders to lead, shape, and define the future of the industry. The power of PRO comes to life through members dedicated to their professional and leadership growth.

By joining PRO, you are investing in more than a membership; it's an invitation to contribute, connect, and thrive within a community dedicated to excellence. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a rising star, volunteering for a leadership role within PRO opens doors to impactful initiatives, unparalleled networking opportunities, and personal growth.


Governing Board

The PRO Governing Board* holds the organization's fiduciary responsibility and plays a pivotal role in steering its course. Nominated and elected by PRO members, the Board is at the forefront of navigating leadership challenges and assessing the climate within their respective leagues.

*Board seats are filled through an annual nomination and selection process

Member Committees

The Assembly: Retreat & Workshop Committee
Take charge of planning and executing PRO's flagship Leadership Retreat & Workshop, shaping the future of professional sports through strategic initiatives in Medal of Leadership Awards, Programming, Operations, Partnerships, and Marketing.

Curriculum & Research 
Drive the evolution of professional development programs and research operations to ensure that programming benefits a broad array of members, supports inclusive leadership development, and that research is beneficial to the industry.

Engagement & Outreach 
Collaborate with members and partners to understand their needs, foster a sense of belonging within our unique PRO culture, and support recruitment, retention, and recognition efforts that strengthen the PRO community.

Marketing & Communications Committee 
Lead the charge in shaping PRO's brand narrative and development through comprehensive strategies spanning advertising, social media, public relations, email marketing, website management, events, and multimedia production.

Policy and Advocacy Committee 
Provide strategic counsel on federal and multi-state policies, ensuring alignment with industry priorities and advocating for initiatives that drive positive change within the professional sports landscape.

Partnerships/Development Committee 
Work hand-in-hand with the PRO Board of Directors and staff to secure vital resources through strategic partnerships and donations, fueling the PRO mission to lead, inspire, and innovate within the industry.


Member Resource Groups

Led by PRO Members, MRGs provide a collaborative space for professionals at all levels to gain valuable perspectives, exchange best practices, and engage in meaningful discussions. As a co-chair of an MRG, you play a pivotal role in shaping these conversations and driving the group's direction.

Co-chairs have the opportunity to set the meeting cadence, curate topics of discussion, and lead engaging sessions that foster growth and innovation. It's a chance to leverage your expertise, influence, and passion to facilitate meaningful connections and drive collective progress. 

Join PRO today to step into a leadership role as co-chair of an MRG, and be at the forefront of shaping the future of professional sports leadership.