[PRO] Sports Assembly is a 501c3 non-profit organization of men and women working in professional sports. We are a community of leaders advancing diverse and inclusive leadership in our organizations. Together, we create and foster a healthy and equitable workforce in teams, leagues and unions. Developing cultural and gender intelligence will enable our industry to drive innovation, bolster financial performance, capture new markets, and increase customer loyalty.

If you work in professional sports — at a team, league or union — and want to be a part of the Assembly, click below to learn more.

Membership Options







Unite leaders in professional sports to advance our industry.


Create a more equitable future in professional sports leadership.


Identify and develop professional sports’ next generation of top leadership.
Educate members by identifying and exploring intersections of the major issues facing our industry.
Partner to increase understanding of these issues with the industry’s key decision makers.
Promote an appreciation for responsible individuals and organizations that demonstrate a commitment to our mission and vision.


Formalize a network of committed and ambitious leaders in professional sports.
Create an internal forum for professional development.
Equip leaders of various tenures and ranks with tools to navigate and transform the industry.
Provide leaders with guidelines and policies to create and advance equity in sports organizations.
Commission and share research on professional sports workplace and industry trends.
Recognize organizations committed to pay and opportunity parity.