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Pro Sports Assembly is proudly member-led and provides leadership for professional sports by professional sports leaders. Membership benefits both the individual and their organization and are available to those working at a pro team, league, union, or venue.

Many organizations provide PRO membership as an investment in the professional growth and development of their talent. Having access to experts beyond your existing organization, sport, and geography brings new thinking and skills into your business - benefiting your colleagues, clients and communities.

For those working adjacent to professional sports organizations - at brands, vendors, agencies, and media companies - we invite you to explore the Affiliate Membership information included below.

How it works:

  1. Select the level of membership you would like.
  2. If needed, share the Membership Prospectus with your employer to cover your expense or add to your budget.
  3. Submit your paid membership receipt for reimbursement, or provide your employer's contact information for invoicing.
  4. Once membership dues are received, Pro Sports Assembly shares a confirmation email allowing you to create your own account, profile and gain access to PRO membership.


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Pro Sports Assembly memberships are available to those working inside of pro teams, leagues, unions, and venues. For individuals working adjacent to teams, leagues and unions at brands, vendors, agencies, and media companies select this option when completing your membership application. Ready for your affiliate membership? Join here!


What does it mean to be a PRO organization?  

It means your team, league, union or venue invests in inclusive talent development to make the organization more resilient through practices that support a strong, healthy and fair pro sports industry. If you work in pro sports, you want to work for a PRO organization. 

In becoming a member of Pro Sports Assembly, organizations publicly demonstrate an actionable commitment to inclusive leadership across professional sports and get in on the PRO Game Plan for Leadership Excellence. 


  • ENGAGE with the PRO network and build new relationships

  • EMPOWER your decision-making and influence with industry research

  • EDUCATE others with your expertise and gain new perspectives

  • EQUIP yourself with leadership tools and resources recommended by other PROs

  • ELEVATE your leadership profile and impact the industry

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