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Building Your Personal Brand with Breakthru Brands
Thursday, June 17, 2021, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT
Category: Professional Development


[PRO] Consulting Forum: Personal Branding


Purpose of forum:

Through this “Building Your Personal Brand” Workshop, Pro Sports Assembly members will embark on a guided, self-reflective journey that will enable them to understand what a personal brand is, what it means to build an authentic and inspired personal brand, and why this is important in the workplace and in our industry. 


We will tap into the brand-building expertise and best-practices of the workshop facilitator and Founder of BREAKTHRU BRANDS, Laura Barnard, as well as learn from case studies of strong industry leaders who have built impactful personal brands.

Through this three-part workshop (Discovery, Strategy, and Activation), we will collaborate with members to create their own, unique Personal Brand Playbooks and equip them with a “toolkit” of strategies and tactics which will help them build and hone their own, more inspired and impactful personal brands.



Who should attend:

This course is for current and aspiring leaders who are interested in building and positioning their personal brands to be seen, be heard, and make a greater impact on their organization and industry. This forum is only for members of Pro Sports Assembly.



June 3, 2021 

June 10, 2021

June 17, 2021



12-:00 - 1:00 PM ET              



  1. Laura J. Barnard

These forum will be hosted by BREAKTHRU BRANDS, a professional branding agency focused on empowering diverse leaders in sports and business. 


Benefits of forum:

  1. Develop your Personal Brand Playbook to inform and guide your personal brand

  2. Think strategically about how your personal brand can impact your career, your organization, your industry, and beyond.


Topics covered:

  1. In the Discovery phase, we will address the following key questions:

    • What is a Personal Brand?

    • What are some of the top Personal Brands in the world and what makes them so impactful?

    • Why does having a strong Personal Brand matter?

    • What are your key strengths, talents and abilities? What are your “distinctive assets”? For what do you want to be known and recognized? 

  2. In the Strategy phase, we will build your Personal Brand Playbook via addressing the following questions: 

    • What is your Personal “Why” and the Impact you seek to have on your organization, industry & beyond?

    • Who is your Personal Target Audience?

    • What are your Main Messages & Key Themes?

    • Where are the Spaces & Places in which you want you brand to show up, both on and offline?

    • How does your personal brand show up?

  3. In the Activation phase, we will ensure that the following pieces of your Personal Content reflect your brand:

    • Your Personal Narrative and “Elevator Pitch”

    • Your Resume

    • Your LinkedIn Profile


Forum Pricing:

This forum is free to the first 50 [PRO] members and is included as part of their membership package.

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