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Diverse Decision Making in Hiring with TurnkeyZRG
Tuesday, June 29, 2021, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM EDT
Category: Professional Development


Diverse Decision Making in Hiring

with TurnkeyZRG


Purpose of the course:

There are plenty of reasons companies are striving to become more diverse. The desire to develop an innovative product, delivery of top-notch service, and create life changing experiences that are accessible to all. As organizations seek to recruit, engage, and retain a more diverse workforce, it’s essential to understand that recruitment is a two way street. This workshop will empower members of the Pro Sports Assembly engaged with making hiring decisions to be exceptional leaders in the recruitment and attraction of executive level diverse talent. It provides participants with tips and tools to successfully improve their chances of getting great talent to stick. 



Who should attend:

This course is for executives leading an organizational hiring effort: Chief Human Resources Officers and similar roles. This forum is only for members of Pro Sports Assembly.



June 29th, 2021



4:00 PM ET              


Course Facilitator(s):

  1. Diana Busino
  2. Kelly Lewis


These sessions will be hosted by TurnkeyZRG, a national leader in sports, media and entertainment recruitment.


Course Benefits:

  1. Achieve better understanding of the current realities of recruitment of diverse talent. 

  2. Deeper understanding of competency based recruitment

  3. Exclusive access to guest speakers

  4. Think strategically about the efforts of diverse recruitment within your organization.



  1. Competency based recruitment vs fit based
  2. Understanding organizational brand and its impact
  3. Diversity Pre-work 
  4. Differentiation between wanting and recruiting diverse talent


Course Pricing:

This course is free to the first 80 [PRO] members and is included as part of their membership package.

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