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[PRO] x RISE Certificate of Inclusive Diversity
Wednesday, April 28, 2021, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM EDT
Category: Professional Development


[PRO] x RISE Certificate of Inclusive Leadership


Purpose of the course:

Empower members of Pro Sports Assembly engaged with their organization’s Employee Resource Group or Business Resource Group to be exceptional leaders in discussing and addressing matters of equity, racism, prejudice, diversity and inclusivity. It provides participants with a safe environment to learn about diversity and inclusion related concepts and how they can be champions of change to improve the long-term health and performance of their organization. RISE’s multifaceted curriculum is organized to explore a wide array of topics and skills. 


The certificate will offer training, development and support to guide the cohort on their journey to inclusive leadership. It will provide an understanding of core concepts around the DEI space as well as provide the opportunity for hands-on discussion around critical topics and issues. [PRO] Members will receive a certificate upon completion of all course requirements (modules & capstone).


Who should attend:

This course is for current and aspiring leaders and members of an organization who have been charged with or are interested in transforming their office into a more diverse and inclusive space. This course is only for members of Pro Sports Assembly.



April 28 - July 7, 2021



Wednesdays 4:00 PM ET, 2 engagements per month


Course Timeline:

8 engagements

  • Six 60 minute workshops
  • Two 20-25 minute self-paced digital modules
  • One Capstone Experience to be determined based on candidate need and interest                


Course Facilitator(s):

  1. Dr. Collin Williams 
  2. Dr. Andrew Mac Intosh 
  3. Kim Miller 
  4. Dr. Nancy Kaplan 


These sessions will be hosted by RISE, a national nonprofit that educates and empowers the sports community to eliminate racial discrimination, champion social justice and improve race relations. 


Course Benefits:

  1. Achieve [PRO] x RISE Certificate of Inclusive Leadership
  2. Develop your professional network
  3. Exclusive access to guest speakers
  4. Build up your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) record 
  5. Think strategically about the way DEI programming might live within your organization.


Course Schedule:

The [PRO] x RISE Certificate course will meet online once every two weeks for 12 weeks. Two of the weeks will be digital.  


It will bring together all those who have been charged with or are interested in transforming their office into a more diverse and inclusive space.


April 28, 2021

Topic: Understanding Our Identities

Participants reflect on the labels they use to define themselves and discuss why they do so. They are also challenged to consider the multifaceted nature of their identities and which labels hold more importance to them. Finally, they have the opportunity to share their labels with others and discuss the importance of diversity.


Digital Module (facilitated through Game Plan)

Topic: Equality vs Equity

In this module, participants will learn about equality and equity. More specifically, they learn the difference between the two often confused terms, which one is more effective in achieving fairness, and the roles equality and equity can play to better serve society.


May 12, 2021

Topic: Trading Places

Participants complete a trading places activity prompting them to acknowledge assumptions, values, and predetermined opinions they may have based on small amounts of information. The activity helps participants recognize their own biases, where they may come from, and why they are important to address.


May 26, 2021

Topic: Race, Racism, Anti-Racism

Race, Racism & Anti-Racism deepens participants’ awareness of what the terms race, racism, and anti-racism mean and the ways in which they are similar and different. After grasping the terms, participants are challenged to work in small groups to recognize the ways in which racism exists in their contexts and identify personal and professional anti-racism strategies.  


Digital Module (facilitated through Game Plan)

Topic: Sports as a Vehicle for Change

Participants identify varying types of athlete activism, are challenged to match different examples with the most applicable type of activism displayed, and test their knowledge and application. Participants are then provided with examples of historic moments of athlete activism and prompted to create their own activism video statement. 


June 9, 2021

Topic: Privilege Walk

Participants engage in a virtual privilege walk indicating true or false to recognize their own privilege. They are then challenged to define privilege, discuss the ways in which privilege gives them power, and identify tangible ways to positively utilize it.


June 23, 2021

Topic: Inclusive Leadership

Participants will be introduced to the concept of inclusive leadership, it’s importance and how this skill can be both modeled and fostered. They will also engage in discussion and exercises to develop those skills and perspectives and receive an inclusive leadership toolkit.


July 7, 2021

Topic: Framework for Inclusive Excellence

In this activity, RISE shares the five broad recommendations for advancing organizational diversity and inclusion. Equipped with these recommendations, participants are provided an opportunity to work in small groups to workshop what those strategies and approaches might look like on their respective institutions and get some feedback from RISE staff.  



Capstone Experience (Virtually)

To complete the certificate, you will be invited to be a part of a RISE certificate in which you will have the opportunity to discuss issues related to race diversity and inclusion with other youth, law enforcement or community leaders. This opportunity will also allow you to understand the ways in which RISE implements programming and the objectives and challenges to be considered as you work toward implementing these within your own organization.


Course Pricing:

This course is free to the first 40 [PRO] members and is included as part of their membership package.