Pro Sports Assembly Partners With Intello Sports Partners For Season 5 Of Women Blazers

New Season Will Feature 20 Women Blazing Trails Across Sports & Entertainment

Austin, TX - April 4, 2024 – Pro Sports Assembly (PRO), the association for professional sports business leaders, is partnering up with Intello Sports Partners and Women Blazers to produce a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Dionna Widder, Chief Revenue Officer for the Nashville Predators, and founding Governing Board member of PRO. Season five of Women Blazers will feature in-depth interviews with female senior executives in sports. As a gesture of gratitude, Intello Sports will provide each guest with a one-year PRO Premier membership. 

Women Blazers season five is set to feature 20 more inspirational women executives sharing their insights and journeys growing within our industry. The first episode, featuring Patti Phillips, CEO of Women Leaders in Sports is now available on Spotify and Apple Podcast. Season five will continue through December featuring leaders such as: 

  • Alma Parvaz, VP/Corporate Partnerships at Charlotte Hornets

  • Jennifer Prince, Chief Commercial Officer at LA Rams 

“I’m truly honored to have partnered with Intello Sports Partners and Pro Sports Assembly for the fifth season of Women Blazers. With their support the podcast will reach, inspire, and make a positive impact on more women as they too work to navigate their career paths and rise up the ranks of our industry,” said Dionna Widder.

Stephan Solon, Managing Director/Co-Founder of Intello Sports Partners, is at the forefront of transforming hiring practices within the sports industry. He remarked, "It is an immense privilege to champion, collaborate with, and elevate women of distinction in the sports sector through the remarkable narratives and wisdom showcased in Women Blazers. Together with Dionna, we are committed to inspiring our industry and aspiring female professionals to persistently aim for heightened acknowledgment, enhanced inclusivity, and broader acceptance of inclusive leadership's impact in professional sports."

“Women Blazers is a must-listen for all leaders in our industry,” noted Marina Carpenter, Vice-Chair of the PRO Board of Directors and EVP & General Counsel of the Arizona Coyotes. “It is actively challenging the notion that one cannot find women in revenue roles while simultaneously empowering our current and future women leaders to stay the course in trailblazing. We appreciate the diverse perspectives, identities, and careers; whether it is ticketing, sponsorship, diversity, or CSR, Dionna is showcasing all business lines that drive and impact revenue and challenging our perceived notions about revenue generation. With this partnership, we’re showcasing and strengthening the commitment of Intello Sports Partners to women leaders across our industry.”

About Intello Sports Partners is an executive recruitment firm focusing exclusively on the world of sports and entertainment. Our ultimate goal is to modernize the way people connect with their dream jobs in sports, with a strong commitment to empowering women leaders in the industry. Our approach is rooted in the belief that recruitment should be an enjoyable and transformative journey, emphasizing inclusivity and responsibility in every interaction. Please visit us at to learn more! LinkedIn:

Women Blazers is a podcast that features interviews with women in the sports industry who are either breaking barriers or on a journey to blaze trails in the front office. Subscribe to the Women Blazers Podcast here

About Pro Sports Assembly Established in 2019, Pro Sports Assembly (“PRO”) is the association for professional sports business leaders. Members of PRO are inclusive leaders who believe in the power of uniting as a force for good to create a stronger, healthier, and fairer future for the professional sports industry. The power of Pro Sports Assembly comes to life because PRO members champion their individual development, organization and industry. Collectively, PRO members set the standard for leadership excellence in professional sports. For more information, please visit Pro Sports Assembly is on LinkedIn


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