Inaugural Marshall Award for Values in Sport and Jason Jenkins “Victory for Humanity” Awards

PRO Medal of Leadership Award

Inaugural Marshall Award for Values in Sport and Jason Jenkins “Victory for Humanity” Award to be Presented at the PRO Medal of Leadership Awards

Awards for Exceptional Leadership in Professional Sports Being Given in Honor of Late Miami Dolphins SVP of Communications and Community Affairs Jason Jenkins and Dallas Mavericks CEO Cynt Marshall

 Austin, TX - April 24, 2023 – Pro Sports Assembly (PRO), the association for professional sports business leaders, is presenting four Medal of Leadership Awards at The Assembly: Pro Sports Leadership Retreat and Workshop in Austin, TX on June 21, 2023.

Inspired by exceptional leaders who have lifted inclusive leadership to new heights, the inaugural recipients of the Jason Jenkins “Victory for Humanity” Award and the Marshall Award for Values in Sport will be presented at the event on June 21.

Pro Sports Assembly’s Medal of Leadership Awards celebrate PRO members who are advancing the professional sports industry, both inside their organization and beyond to elevate standards of leadership excellence. The Jason Jenkins “Victory for Humanity” Award and Marshall Award for Values in Sport will be given annually to outstanding business leaders who have leveraged their positions of influence to benefit the greater good and epitomize what it means to be a PRO member. Other Medal of Leadership Awards include the Rising Leader and the Visionary Leadership.

The Jason Jenkins “Victory for Humanity” Award was created in honor of Jason Jenkins, the late Senior Vice President of Communications and Community Affairs for the Miami Dolphins and a founding member of PRO, serving on the Governing Board as the Chair of Communications. Jason epitomized inclusive leadership, unifying people in sport and in the community. The award will be presented to a Pro Sports Assembly member for significantly leveraging their position of influence to create lasting impact in the community.

“Jason Jenkins was a unifier of people in a polarizing world.  He was a humanitarian who inspired everyone he came in contact with, and he was a man of conviction and humble leadership,” said Tom Garfinkel, vice chairman, president and CEO of the Miami Dolphins. “He cared deeply about bringing people together and giving a hand to those in need. We miss him every day.  It’s appropriate for him to be recognized in a way that empowers those making an impact into the future. Thank you to Pro Sports Assembly for remembering our dear friend Jason, and for continuing his legacy of community impact and leadership.”

 The Marshall Award for Values in Sport was inspired by Cynthia “Cynt” Marshall, CEO of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks. As the first Black female CEO in the NBA, she represents strength and impact for the organization, its greater community and the professional sports ecosystem. The award will be presented to a trailblazing Pro Sports Assembly member who exemplifies Character, Respect, Authenticity, Fairness, Teamwork and Safety.

“Cynt is a force of nature, an inspiring leader and a trailblazer in the sports world and greater business community,” said Dallas Mavericks governor Mark Cuban.  “She brings true authenticity to the job and has fostered a culture where every voice matters and everybody belongs.  The Dallas Mavericks organization is proud of Cynt and everything she has accomplished in her five years at the helm.  We are looking forward to recognizing a valued member of Pro Sports Assembly for bringing that same values-based leadership to the sports community.”

Nominations for each award are being accepted through May 1st. To learn more about The Assembly or register, visit

 The Assembly: Pro Sports Leadership Retreat and Workshop takes place June 21-23. It is an intimate gathering for professional sports business leaders who are not only influential in setting an agenda and strategy for their organization, but who are also invested in a more diverse, inclusive and fair future across all aspects of professional sports. During the annual event, members work together to identify the most critical issues facing the industry, identify solutions and lay the ground for creating inclusively designed industry standards. The co-chairs for the 2023 Awards are Bridget Gannon of The Players Alliance and Jacques McClendon of the Los Angeles Rams. The 2023 retreat and workshop co-chairs are Antony Bonavita of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Alexis Roe of the Atlanta Hawks and Lexi Williams of Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment.

 The Assembly 2023 Agenda

June 21st - Medal of Leadership Awards and Reception

June 22nd - Evolution of Leadership: Sessions and Workshops
- The Owner's and Player's Perspective
- State of the Industry - What does the data tell us?
- Leading Through Investigation, Implementation, Restoration
- Finding Common Ground in Policy Making

June 23rd - Evolution of Business Operations: Sessions and Workshops
- Live Case Study #1: Sustainability, Accessibility, Workforce Retention
- Live Case Study #2: Partner Perspectives, Athlete's Voice, Economic Impact
- Membership Meeting

About Pro Sports Assembly
Pro Sports Assembly is the association for professional sports business leaders. Members of PRO believe in the power of uniting as a force for good around leadership development, community building, and collective impact to create a stronger, healthier, and more fair future in professional sports. The power of Pro Sports Assembly comes to life because PRO members champion the Industry, Profession and Workforce.Collectively, PRO members set the standard for leadership in professional sports. For more information on Pro Sports Assembly, please and connect onLinkedIn.   

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