Pro Sports Assembly Announces Key Milestone Reached Across Partnerships and Programming Since Its Fall 2020 Inception

Launched in September 2020, Pro Sports Assembly [PRO] is a first-of-its-kind, industry-wide, and mission-driven 501(c)(3) association for people working in professional sports. [PRO] was established to unite leaders across teams, leagues, unions and venues to advance the industry. From finance to innovation, operations and sales, to social responsibility, marketing, human resources and analytics, [PRO] aims to ensure there is a diverse and talented pipeline to lead its industry into the future.

Today, as part of its quarterly roundup of milestones and achievements, [PRO] announced that thirteen organizations have joined as founding members to help advance equity and achieve parity throughout the industry. The members include Atlanta Hawks/State Farm Arena, Austin FC, Cleveland Cavaliers/RocketMortgage Field House, Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks, Harris Blitzer Sports and Entertainment, Major League Baseball, Miami Dolphins, Olympia Sports and Entertainment, Pegula Sports and Entertainment, Spurs Sports and Entertainment, Texas Rangers, and World Wrestling Entertainment. Through their membership, each organization is not only providing leadership opportunities for their employees, but they are also creating the voice of the industry.   

Just last month, in partnership with Sports Business Journal, [PRO] Founding Board Members Cynt Marshall (CEO, Dallas Mavericks) and Alex Chang (CMO, San Francisco 49ers) were featured as keynote speakers at the “SBJ All-In” conference, providing unique perspectives on building all-around sports organizations that holistically serve employees, fans and other stakeholders with progressive leadership and respect for human capital.  As it specifically relates to the subject of the conference, [PRO] supports professional sports organizations and their Diversity, Equity & Inclusion efforts across three areas: 1) Assess, 2) Operationalize, 3) Acculturate. 

With seed funding provided by the Dallas Mavericks, [PRO] created the Pro Sports Equity Assessor, a secure tool for all organizational members to access and guide their internal performance towards equity building - helping identify gaps in pay, promotion, pathway, and policy that may critically hinder an organization’s progress towards a more equitable future. Leaders from the Los Angeles Rams, St. Louis Cardinals and The Female Quotient designed the tool. The Equity Assessor allows organizations to better understand their internal data, to chart their course, and to challenge the industry to build equity into the workforce.

In addition, in partnership with the Global Sport Institute at Arizona State University, led by Ken Shropshire (CEO), the Pro Sports Equity Research Project is currently in development, which allows organizational members to analyze how consumers and employees respond to equity building efforts. 

Furthermore, on April 28, [PRO] and RISE will launch a new Certificate of Inclusive Leadership. The [PRO] RISE Certificate of Inclusive Leadership provides training, development, and support for Employee Resource Group leaders (or aspiring ERG leaders) to effectively lead internal staff and influence all areas of the organization on their journey to inclusivity. The cohort of 40 [PRO] members will gather virtually and engage in eight RISE-led workshops and a capstone experience.   

“Providing benefits and resources to our members so they can be wildly successful in their professional journey is core to the mission of Pro Sports Assembly. Our certificate with RISE is an excellent example. Many leaders have been put in a position to lead diversity and inclusion efforts, but have not had extensive training, especially as it specifically relates to pro sports. Now they do, and we could not be more thrilled with this offering.”  says Corinne Milien, [PRO] Managing Director. 

Since its launch, there have been a number of [PRO] classes, panels, and workshops available to its members, some of which are also open to the general public. These programs use the #PowerofProSports to discuss important topics in opportunity, pay, and leadership, as well as provides a platform to create change for everlasting impact. Upcoming programs include:  

  • Started April 28 - [PRO] x RISE Certificate of Inclusive Leadership Certificate
  • May 17 - Equity Assessor Office Hours (members) 
  • May 25 - Leading with Intention, Impact, and Influence (members only)
  • May 26 - From the C Suite: Government Relations in Pro Sports (public) 
  • June - Building A More Impactful Personal Brand (members only)
  • June 29 - [PRO] Class: Diverse Decision Making in Hiring (members only)

 “Pro Sports Assembly has come a long way since our launch, and yet there remains much work to be done,” says Founding Board Member Andy Loughnane, President, Austin FC. “Progress ultimately requires strength in numbers, and we are thankful for all of our founding members and partners who have recognized the collective power of Pro Sports Assembly, and the importance of our work. By dedicating their resources, we can reach, execute, and amplify our goals with greater speed and impact.” 

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