Gain perspective and get the inside scoop from the top leaders at our teams, leagues and unions. Issues discussed are of particular interest to the most senior industry leaders and will therefore shape the future of sport. Stay connected to timely topics and keep them top of mind as you lead us into the future.

HER Point of View

Improve gender and cultural intelligence and gain perspective from the consummate underdog.  With a significant underrepresentation of female leadership at the VP level and up in most professional sports organizations, we have intentionally designed this space to uncover, explore and redesign what barriers may exist. HER POV produced in partnership with The Female Quotient.

INNOVATION [LAB], presented by Global Sports Venture Studio 

Technology continues to drive the transformation of sports, from unlocking new levels of athletic performance to creating new ways for fans to connect and experience the game. The leaders of tomorrow will be those who can effectively navigate and engage with the innovation ecosystem, from emerging startups to enterprise technology giants. In the Innovation [LAB], we’ll hear from industry experts working in and around sports about how to navigate and thrive in an environment consistently disrupted by technological and behavioral shifts.


Join Turnkey Search as they talk with sports business leaders who are pioneering change, inspiring diverse talent and leading by example. With more than 1,200 talent placements across sports, entertainment & media, Turnkey taps into its network of C-Suite leaders to highlight progressive practices, career success stories and future trends/opportunities. Geared towards anyone with a growth mindset looking to improve everyday job performance, stay abreast of industry trends and learn tips for career progression.


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